You can set up to collect recurring membership dues from members using ChamberForge. At this time, you can collect monthly and annual membership dues. Payment collection is supported on the Group Plus and Enterprise plans.

To begin collecting dues on ChamberForge, you need to do following:

  1. Go to My Account and Payment Methods.
  2. Click on the Payout Method button to connect your Stripe account to ChamberForge.
    • If you do not have an account on Stripe, you will need to create one during this step.
    • Once your Stripe account is ready, you will be redirected back to ChamberForge.
    • Dues collected from members will be deposited to your Stripe account which then can be transferred to your bank account.
  3. Create subscription plans. You can create multiple such as Monthly and Annual or Basic and Premium.
  4. Your members will now see Subscribe on the left menus while in the Group Dashboard. They can click on it to purchase subscription and begin making payment with their credit card.

Subscription Plans

You can create subscription plans from your group settings screen. Go to Settings and then the Subscription tab. You can create as many plans as you need but try to keep it simple as not to confuse your members. Most groups offer monthly plans and annual plans with some discount.

Add a subscription plan

{warning} Once a plan is created, you can change the name but nothing else. If you need to change the amount, you will need to delete the existing plan and create a new one. If this happens, your members who have already purchased subscription will need to switch to the new plan if you want them on the new plan.

Manage Subscriptions

On the same screen where you created your subscription plans, you can see active subscriptions from members. It will tell you who is currently paying dues, what plan they are on, and when the subscription was purchased.

Manage Subscriptions

You can also cancel subscription on the same screen. There are two options when canceling a member's subscription: Cancel and Cancel Now.

Cancel simply means that the member's subscription will not renew at the end of current billing cycle. Cancel Now will immediately cancel a subscription and the membership dues will be prorated. For example, if your monthly due is $30/month and a member purchased subscription plan on March 1st and you cancel the subscription using Cancel Now on March 15th, the member will have $15 put back to his/her credit card.

{warning} There is no refund on ChamberForge. If a subscription was purchased by accident, please submit a helpdesk ticket and we will assist.