Welcome to the ChamberForge Documentation. This documentation has everything you need to get started with ChamberForge.

Getting Started

Organizer's Guide - Quickstart guide to help group organizers get up and running on ChamberForge.

User's guide - Quickstart guide for group members on their first time using ChamberForge


1-to-1s - How to report 1-to-1s

Files - How to upload and share files

Groups - Create and manage a group

Guests - Manage guests

Meeting - Manage meetings, track attendances, and add various activities - referrals, 1-to-1s, guests to meetings.

Members - Manage members within groups.

Organization - Set up and configure organization.

Referrals - Manage referrals

Reporting - Reports available on ChamberForge

Subscription - How to set up to collect recurring membership dues

Webhooks - Sending data to external systems using webhooks