Organizer's Guide

This guide walks you through quickly getting your group up and running with ChamberForge. To get your group up and running, you need to:

  1. Create a group
  2. Add/invite members
  3. Add meetings
  4. Update attendance after each meeting
  5. Add/invite guests
  6. Send referrals
  7. Report 1-to-1s

1. Create a group

When you register on ChamberForge and log in for the first time, you may see options to create a group or an organization.

Group - create a group if you manage a single group of members or businesses.

Organization - create an organization if you are with a staff with chamber of commerce or larger business associations with more than one group. If you create an organization, you can still create groups under your organization.

2. Add members

Next step is to add members of your group. Click on Members menu from left side. Click "Add New" button and start adding one member at a time. The only required fields are name and email - all other fields are optional.

3. Add a meeting

After adding members, you are done with setting up the group. Now, after a weekly or bi-weekly meeting where members get together to report out various activities including 1-to-1 meetings, leads for other members, and guests invited, you can create a meeting in ChamberForge to track all the information.

Click on Meetings on the left menu and add a new meeing.

4. Update attendance

For each meeting held, you can use ChamberForge to keep track of attendance of members and guests. To do so, click on the meeting you just created in the above step. The first tab you will see is attendance tab.

Click on the "Update Attendance" button at the bottom. You will then see a list of members and a checkbox next to their name. Click on each checkbox to note attendance for each member. If you have many members, you can click the topmost checkbox and it will automtically check everyone.

5. Add guests

If you have guests who attended a meeting, you can add their information. From the meeting page, click on the second tab that says "Guests" and click on "Add New Guest" button at the bottom. A window will pop up where you can add guest information.

You can add as many guest as you want and close the window when done.

6. Send referrals

If members reported out any leads or referrals they gave to others, that information can be captured in ChamberForge.

From the meeting details screen, click on the third tab called "Referrals." Click on the "Add New" button at the bottom and you can enter details about the lead.

7. Report 1-to-1 meetings

When members report out that they had 1-to-1 meeting with other members, you can add this information to ChamberForge.

From the meeting details creen, click on the fourth tab called "1-to-1s." Click on the "Add New" button at the bottom and you can enter details about the meeting.