neXco National Case Study

Seong Bae
Seong Bae
3 years ago

Executive Summary

neXco National centralized on promoting genuine partnerships that aspire to create authentic valued relationships and leads.

neXco National’s challenge was they lacked the office tools and technology to accomplish a more seamless membership growth process. They required different tools and technology to create more efficient processing to better assist them in reporting and tracking needs.

ChamberForge’s solution was able to alleviate inefficient processes and increase productivity by creating real-time automation. Further, producing tracking and reporting with the integration of neXco National’s CRM tools for them and their members.

neXco National’s outcome is enhanced data transparency for their reporting and membership reports, which has led to improved membership accountability and improved member user experience. Also, they have increased referrals and membership growth via the ChamberForge tools.


neXco National is a networking exchange community with over 70 chapter leadership teams, committee members, partners, and staff collaborating to actualize neXco National’s participation. They currently have 13 chapters with over 100 members and experiencing accelerated expansion.

Albert Wu is the COO of neXco National. His role is to safeguard neXco National’s mission, which is “to ensure that neXco is creating an environment conducive to relationship building and business growth. We have high standards of what we believe is an ideal networking experience, and we want to make sure all members and visitors to any of our chapters or events are having a great experience when they interact with neXco and its members.”

neXco National centralizes promoting genuine partnerships that aspire to create authentic valued relationships which nurture personal and professional growth. neXco National was formed by professionals who built their businesses through the creation and cultivation of referral relationships. They appreciate the significance of partnership referrals and aspire to experience that with all their members.

neXco National believes accountability to be an essential element to their member’s involvement and desire to arrange that their members are offering and advocating substance within their community. To accomplish their goal, they have an accrued point system where members can earn points via a blend of one-on-one meetings, referrals, and visitors brought to chapter meetings.


*“ChamberForge allowed us to throw out the paper and pen and spreadsheets and allow our members to track their own metrics in real-time.“ “ Albert Wu, COO & Partner, neXco National

One of neXco National’s goals i*s to be the first selection for formidable business-to-business professionals and join these professionals into one nationwide community. They want to ensure their members are held accountable by offering substance and value back into this community. neXco National required a more sophisticated tracking system to better assist them in keeping their members accountable.

Previous to collaborating with ChamberForge neXco National lacked the office tools and technology conducive to the development of range and expansion required to build additional chapters and overall membership. Before utilizing the ChamberForge application, NeXco National used hard paper copies and Google sheets to manage their process. However, they did not consider this system to be productive or advantageous for their time, productivity, and future administrative needs and inefficient for their desired membership growth and accountability needs.

Before a ChamberForge user was to employ these hard paper copies to record and track pertinent guest, member, and referral information for each Chapter meeting. Subsequently, they would convert the metrics to excel spreadsheets to track quarterly membership goals. This method was both tedious and not productive for all associates involved and they desired an innovative replacement.


*“ChamberForge was a game-changer for us in that it provided a tool that tracked the exact metrics we wanted to track to ensure our members are giving and receiving value.“ “ Albert Wu, COO & Partner, neXco National

To enhance neXco National’s user experience and the user experience of NeXco National’s Chapters and members, ChamberForge generated more accessible automation in real-time, to aid neXco National to expand their growth, improving the efficiency and productivity of their lead generation referral process, assist in membership growth, and to enhance neXco Nationals member’s user experience.

Also, ChamberForge increased efficiency and productivity by offering a centralized dashboard location for data storage to track all of neXco National’s needs for guests, membership, referral, group, and organization track. Within this dashboard, neXco National now can obtain and generate the metrics needed to better assist with their desired community accountability tracking.

The real-time reporting saves neXco National and its members time improved efficiency due to its reduction in manual reporting. ChamberForge also supports growth goals, allowing neXco National to view and report appropriate up-to-date metrics and track production progress within their membership and collaboration community. Additionally, the tool enables its members to view, report, and track their metrics. Allowing members to self-report provides more timely and precise data.


*“We are well on track to surpass our 2020 referral counts and it’s extremely valuable for our members to see the value they are adding by collaborating with one another and to be able to show that neXco truly is a networking organization that is living up to its purpose of driving growth for its members.“ “ Albert Wu, COO & Partner, neXco National

In lieu of, ChamberForge enhanced data transparency, assisting neXco National to improve their member’s user experience. neXco National has made ChamberForge an intricate component of their strategic planning for growth, efficiency, and tracking, and reviews ChamberForge at every chapter meeting to review member activity.

As of April 2021, neXco National is on track to pass their total referrals of 2020. Furthermore, neXco National has created and provides ChamberForge training within their member orientation program to better assist their membership accountability and application of ChamberForge tools.

neXco National is preparing to grow substantially and planning to assemble a more valued collaboration amongst members. They have plans to continue their partnership with ChamberForge to promote these efforts. ChamberForge will continue efforts to better serve neXco National’s client’s needs, and resume support for neXco National with strategic objectives for their future obligations, Chapter, and membership plans, to create an organic connection via ChamberForge tool utilization.

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