Garrison Fletcher posted 1 year ago in General

Website Custom URL

Our organization has a custom URL. How do we get that to be our name at the top and not the " xyz, etc.

I would image we need to modify our Name Servers, etc.

I did not see this in any of the documentation, etc.

On this same line, what information in the "footer" can we remove? There might be confusion on WHO we are? (i.e. a Networking organization or a app developer).
Seong Bae wrote 1 year ago
Hi Garrison, Groups are not able to use custom domain for their group page. You can use redirect to redirect traffic from your custom domain to your group page on ChamberForge. We offer white-label services where you can use custom URL and branding with ChamberForge. However, this is a premium service and may not be suitable for a single group. We have enterprise organizations using the white-label solutions. Seong
Garrison Fletcher wrote 1 year ago
Understood. Thought that is rather disappointing for our small group. Thank you for the update though.

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