Jeremy Turner posted 9 months ago in General

Pending Applicaitons

I noticed that there is a section in the Members area that shows "Pending Applications." How is this area populated with people that want to join our group?
Seong Bae wrote 9 months ago
Hi Jeremy, On your group's public page, non-members/guests can submit application to request to join your group. Once they submit application, you will get notified via email and can review applications from the Pending Applications screen. Once you approve the application, the applicant will be able to join your group. This is a new feature that was recently added - so if you have any feedback on how it can be improved, please let us know. Seong
Jeremy Turner wrote 9 months ago
I don't think I see that on our page. The only thing that I see is "register". Do I have to turn it on or something?
Seong Bae wrote 9 months ago
Hi Jeremy, The links were showing only for non-members who were logged in. We just updated it so that it's showing whether you are logged in or not - you should now be able to see it. Please try again. Seong
Jeremy Turner wrote 9 months ago
Thank you Seong. I guess I didn't understand that it was only visible for people that had already created a login. I'd love to be able to ask additional questions on the form when people apply. Is this a tool that you plan to develop more?
Seong Bae wrote 8 months ago
Hi Jeremy, Yes - we would like to allow groups to add their own questions at some point in future. Seong

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