Seong Bae posted 3 years ago in General

New referral status: drip

One of groups using ChamberForge suggested that we add another status to referral tracking. It is called "drip" and is used when a referral is neither lost or won but can possibly convert to won later on. Below is description of "drip" from the group leader and we at CF team is looking at adding it to the status list. Please let us know if other groups have any thoughts or feedback.


“Drip” – many of our referrals don’t convert immediately but a good sales person will follow up on an opportunity and touch base with a prospective client from time to time, or a newsletter will come by the prospect a year later and all of a sudden they are ready to use our services. This is why we need a drip status, as that deal is not won nor lost sometimes. This would be valuable for all groups, not just our organization.

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