John N Garrett III posted 1 year ago in General

Member Profile Edits

As the organizer/admin can I edit member profile details (i.e., add phone number, type of business, address etc.)?
John N Garrett III wrote 1 year ago
I should have read the previous post. I guess Seong will need to let us know if and when the admin may be able to make these changes/additions.
Garrison Fletcher wrote 1 year ago
Hoping for an update to this. Has anyone heard anything about giving permissions to the Organizer or Manager so we can get things updated?
John N Garrett III wrote 1 year ago
I did open a ticket and got this response - "At this time, only the user can update his/her own profile". I asked if this change is under consideration or not. We will see.
Eric Petre wrote 1 year ago
We are thinking of subscribing and this is a request I would like as well. Thank you.

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