N/A posted 1 year ago in General

Limit to member number during trial?


Is there a limit to member numbers during the first-month trial. We have a group of 20 and we are trying to evaluate Chamber Forge, but after our first 10 have joined the group the others don't see the "Apply to Join this group" button.
Group is https://www.chamberforge.com/group/business-referrers.

Can we have any limit lifted for us so we can fully evaluate it please
Seong Bae wrote 1 year ago
Hi Rob, The member limit is 30 for Basic and 50 for Group Plus plan. I just went to your group page and was able to see the "Apply to Join this group" link. The link only shows for non-members - so if you're already a member and go to the group page, you won't see the link. Seong
N/A wrote 1 year ago
Thanls Seong, It seemed to only be an issue with one member and I simply invited/added him and all was fine. All others were able to join OK. Regards, Rob

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