Nicole McKenzie posted 5 months ago in General

how to change meeting info on public page

On the public page, the meeting information is incomplete/incorrect. I cannot see where to change our meeting location and time. The meeting times and dates are correct. It's only incorrect on the public page with incorrect information that I signed up when creating the group. Please advise. Thank you!
Seong Bae wrote 4 months ago
Hi Nicole, On your group dashboard page, click on the Settings from the left menus. From there, you can update the information. Seong
Nicole McKenzie wrote 4 months ago
I can see how to change it there, but on the public page link I cannot see where to change the items in the right column. This is the information I entered when I first signed up for the account. ( This is the information and it needs to be changed to "Meetings are bi-weekly for lunch." Meeting Meets at 7:00 pm on Location London, ON, Canada

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