Brett L Malofsky posted 1 year ago in General

Changing Business Categories for Existing Members

How do I change the business category for a particular member? When I click on Edit, all I can see is the start date and the member's role. I am unable to edit anything else. I have the Organizer role. Sometimes I want to go in an update someone's contact info as well, just to be helpful. I am sure there is just something that I am forgetting here LOL. But help please. :-)
Garrison Fletcher wrote 1 year ago
I have not found a way to do this EVEN as an Organizer. It is only the Member who can change their category from what I can tell. I DO think this should be something that a Manager or Organizer should be able to do, as like you, our group is very SLOW to fill in their information and I would LOVE to do it for them to get it all in there. If anyone finds a solution, please let me know.
Brett L Malofsky wrote 1 year ago
Garrison Fletcher wrote 1 year ago
Any updates on this?
Nicole McKenzie wrote 4 months ago
Would love a way to do this as an organizer!

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