Brett L Malofsky posted 3 years ago in General


Do referrals, 121s, etc. auto-archive at all? I ask because a different software that we are using now archives referrals and 121s very quickly. We do not even have the opportunity to enter whether the referral was a success, how much money was earned, whether the 121 was successful, etc. I would prefer that they don't auto-archive.
Seong Bae wrote 3 years ago
Hi Brett, ChamberForge does not archive data at the moment but the archive feature is on our list to add in the future. The way we are planning to make it is auto-archive referrals that are over 120 days old or older or users can manually archive each referral. Seong
Brett L Malofsky wrote 3 years ago
Might a suggest a feature that allows users to "unarchive" a referral? As a contractor, I frequently have referrals that are open for longer periods of time. Just a thought. And thank you for the quick response!
Seong Bae wrote 3 years ago

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