Paul Brady posted 11 months ago in Feature Request

Speaker Area

A big part of a networking group is the weekly speaker. We really need a feature for members and admins of a networking group to be able to show who upcoming speakers are. I know you can look at a particular 'meeting' and dig in to find it, but an additional feature to just show a list of upcoming speakers would be a huge benefit.
Seong Bae wrote 11 months ago
I agree, Paul. There are a few options we considered: - Adding a widget on the group dashboard screen showing upcoming speakers - Showing on the group's public page (new feature being worked on) - Sending a reminder email to members before each meeting with meeting details - date, time, location, speaker info, etc - Sending app notification Seong
Paul Brady wrote 11 months ago
I like these! Especially the one of showing on the group's public page!

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