Brett L Malofsky posted 3 years ago in Feature Request

Sorting on Referrals Page

When I click on Referrals, it sorts by date and you can change between ascending and descending. It would be nice to be able to do the same with the From, To and Status columns. You seem to have already added this to the columns on the 1-2-1s page. Thanks!
Seong Bae wrote 3 years ago
Hi Brett, We did have that feature but disabled it last week because it was causing “Access Denied” issue when users try to open a referral. We are looking into the issue and when it is fixed, we will re-enable sorting by names. Seong
Brett L Malofsky wrote 3 years ago
Haha, OK! I was surprised it wasn't there, so that makes perfect sense! :-)
Albert Wu wrote 3 years ago
Seong, are there any updates on the sorting feature?
Seong Bae wrote 3 years ago
Hello, Sorry for the delay. The sorting has been fixed. Now you can sort on all columns. Seong
Brett L Malofsky wrote 3 years ago
Thank you Seong! I will check it out!

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