Brett L Malofsky posted 3 years ago in Feature Request

RSVPs for Events/Meetings

Hey Seong - So quick thought. When someone goes to RSVP for an event, clicking on RSVP automatically sends a "yes" RSVP. Can we get options that say Yes, No, and Maybe? Even just Yes and No would be more helpful, of course. While I do understand that you can "cancel" your RSVP after saying yes, having the options up front would be very helpful. Then maybe we can print an RSVP report that says who is coming and who is not coming. Make sense? Thanks! Brett
Seong Bae wrote 3 years ago
Hi Brett, That sounds like a good feature to have and keep organizers informed of rsvp status from both members and guests. We will add it to our feature backlog. Seong
Heather Leigh wrote 3 years ago
This is a great idea. Our region hosts several events throughout the year and would make registration or attendance count, a lot easier to maintain. Thank you Brett for mentioning.
Seong Bae wrote 3 years ago
Hi Brett & Heather, We just added Yes and No to RSVP options. Please check it out and let us know what you think. Seong
Brett L Malofsky wrote 3 years ago
Thanks Seong!
Heather Leigh wrote 3 years ago
Hi Brett, my email is please email me, I have a question for you. Thanks
Scott Bienstock wrote 1 week ago
Where can we see who RSVPd? I have looked and cannot find but I RSVPd myself last week to test it and cannot find. We are trying to make members more accountable and are asking them to RSVP to the weekly meeting reminder.

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