Paul Brady posted 10 months ago in Feature Request

Reporting Closed Business


One of the most frustrating things about any referral app, is the function for reporting closed business. Often times, people make self referrals to other seats in the networking group only to sit and watch the person that received your money for the self referral never bother to report the money sent.

As a result, I am proposing that you add a feature that will allow either person in a referral to report closed (Won) business. This may sound odd, but I've done this in the past with another referral app and it was one of the few features of that app that I really liked.

Please consider adding this feature to your app.

Brett L Malofsky wrote 10 months ago
Hah, I just put this in as a feature request as well.
Paul Brady wrote 10 months ago
Great minds think alike!
Paul Brady wrote 10 months ago
Actually, another important reason for adding this feature is a migration from another app! We used to use another networking app and have no way to easily migrate 'closed' business from the other app. It'd be virtually impossible to get all the past closed business added AND get the other party to close business. Howver, if you allowed either the referrer or referee to close business, then the person migrating all the old referrals could also add the closed (won) business and catch up quite easily. This ALONE would be a great reason to add this feature.
Seong Bae wrote 10 months ago
Thank you for the feedback. I don't think there'd be any issues with allowing both parties to report business closed. This was requested in the early days of ChamberForge but I was afraid if users will abuse the feature. We thought having one person creating a referral and the other person closing it would help maintain the integrity. On the web end, we can make this change quickly. We have been behind in updating our mobile apps, especially with the iPhone app (if you know any iOS app developer who might be interested in helping us, please let us know).
Paul Brady wrote 10 months ago
Hi Seong, A quick update to the web version would be wonderful! I may know a developer (iOS). Let me reach out to see if he's available! Best, Paul
Paul Brady wrote 10 months ago
By the way, if you are concerned with the integrity of how closed business is reported, you can always add an option in the program settings to allow either both parties or just one party to record closed business. That way, any networking group can control how tightly they want to manage the reporting of closed business. Win win situation!
Paul Brady wrote 10 months ago
Is there any update on this feature? You mentioned previously that it'd be something that could be done fairly quickly from the web end (but not the app end)?
Seong Bae wrote 9 months ago
Hi Paul, Can you please try now? On the referral detail screen, you should now see menu items to update the referral status. Seong
Brett L Malofsky wrote 9 months ago
Works great! I just used it! Thanks!
Paul Brady wrote 9 months ago
Hi Seong! I just tried it and it works great! Thank you! Best, Paul

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