Catherine Stone posted 3 years ago in Feature Request

Question for other groups for CF feature requests

Seong, Thanks so much for getting this board up so quickly!

My name is Catherine Stone and I am a founding member of FAIRFIELD ALIVE in southwestern CT. We have a sister group just down the road named STAMFORD ALIVE and we are now governed by an umbrella entity named ALIVE NETWORKS.

Seong has been amazingly helpful in getting us started on Chamber Forge even though we have seriously pushed the envelope (and probably his buttons) about features we desperately wanted to see included on the CF platform. We will explain more about that later, but for now, no matter if you are just reopening your group(s) or have been zooming throughout the pandemic, please introduce your networking group here.

Generally, ALIVE NETWORKS is interested in how other groups are structured. Specifically, we want to determine if CF groups have any wishes/requests in common for the CF platform. As Seong implied using different words, a bunch of squeaky wheels might push a reasonable request toward the top of the development list.

Let's begin!
Albert Wu wrote 3 years ago
Hi Catherine! My name is Albert Wu, I am the COO of neXco National. We have 12 chapters in our community. More info on and I'd welcome collaborating on any ideas your groups have for CF. We've found it to be a very useful tool for our chapters. Seong has nailed a lot of the important features we need, but we are also sending him requests here and there to see if we can improve the experience for our members. Feel free to email me!
Heather Leigh wrote 3 years ago
Hi Catherine and Albert, I am new to CF and the CF community. I am the founder of BETR - Business, Education, Training, & Relationships. We are a non-profit devoted to the development of entrepreneurs, managers, sales staff, and community change agents through a weekly structure that focuses on key elements of personal growth and professional development. Many individuals "go into business" because of a passion they have. Unfortunately, those same individuals also have no practical experience or understanding of how to operate a business. I too have email Seong many times about CF and want to say that I find CF user-friendly and definitely a product that we are glad to use. AND Seong --- you are a rock star and greatly appreciate your dedication to creating this platform. I look forward to learning more about your respective organizations and I can be reached at Cheers, Heather

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