Paul Brady posted 2 years ago in Feature Request

Permissions for Organizer or Manager

The Organizer and Manager roles have the highest permissions in Chamberforge.

However, for roles that have the highest permissions, they have very little control over some things and a lot of control over other things.

I've noticed this because of the nature of networking groups and people not always being good about closing business (WON status) or following through on networking groups business. This sometimes causes problems when they leave group and an admin can't change closed business on their behalf or record other tasks on their behalf for the overall benefit of the group or other businesses that worked with the person that left the group. Also, sometimes people just NEVER uses the networking group software so an admin is forced to go in and perform tasks for them for the benefit of others.

With Chamberforge, the admin ('manager' or 'organizer' roles) seem to have very little real power when it comes to handling many tasks - it seems that only users can do many of those tasks and if they don't or they leave the group without doing it, then your stuck.

Sorry for the long post - I'm just frustrated with the inability to change or complete tasks on behalf of users for the reasons listed above. :-)
Paul Brady wrote 2 years ago
Hope that we can have a more robust manager or organizer role with more power over user accounts in the future.
Seong Bae wrote 2 years ago
Hi Paul, Both referral giver and receiver can now update the status so if one person leaves the group, the other person should be able to close out a referral. Would that help? Seong
Paul Brady wrote 2 years ago
If both parties leave then you are still stuck. I think anyone with 'administrative' permissions should be able to modify, create, or remove referrals between two parties. (Some people close business but never make an online referral - which is maddening to the person who gave them business). Giving Manager and Organizer roles the capability to create a referral between two other parties and then record closed business is what I'm talking about.
Seong Bae wrote 2 years ago
Hi Paul, We could consider allowing groups to update referral status if following conditions are present: - both parties have left the group - x number of days have passed since the referral was created AND y number of days have passed without any status change after both parties have left the group ChamberForge in the early days was more like a CRM where group managers had complete control over all their data similar to other CRM systems out in the market. Only group managers had an account and they could add as many members, referrals, etc, etc. Our early users then requested that that their members also have the ability to create account and report referrals. However, we noticed that members leave one group and join another group so instead of having to create a new account, we made CF so that members can leave and join a new group using same email/account. Additionally, we have plans to add other features to help groups generate more referrals. One area where we believe we can really help groups is connecting potential new members with groups based on referral data - such as who'd be a good fit for a group based on the group's past referral history. As such, we want to maintain the referral data integrity as accurate as possible and not allow groups to add/change referral data as they see fit. (not saying you'd do such thing) We also want to keep the costs down. With CRM-based solution with a complete control over data such as the company you used before, the costs tend to be high. Seong

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