Paul Brady posted 10 months ago in Feature Request

Organizer RSVP Seems Misleading Since it Refers to Guests

The new RSVP capability on the homepage of a networking group is misleading since it says 'RSVP as a guest'. It should just say RSVP to Meeting or simply RSVP.

RSVP as a guest seems to indicate that only guests should RSVP and not networking members. It is available for both and is a valuable way to ensure current members AND guests RSVP to upcoming meetings.

Can we change it to 'RSVP to Meeting' ?

Seong Bae wrote 10 months ago
Hi Paul,

We can certainly rename "RSVP as a guest" to just "RSVP". We added the feature for guests in mind but I can see how it can be extended out to include group members as well.

Paul Brady wrote 10 months ago
Awesome! Thank you so much.

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