Paul Brady posted 3 years ago in Feature Request

Member Renewal

I think that a member join date and a member renewal date are not always the same...

I think we need a feature to track when a member pays their annual dues and also be *reminded* by ChamberForge as the admin (or anyone with admin privileges) when a member's group fee is due. :-)
Paul Brady wrote 3 years ago
By the way, the reminder can be as simple as adding a 'report' we can generate for the month detailing who's membership fees are due. :-)
Seong Bae wrote 3 years ago
We have plans to add payment processing so that CF collects monthly/annual dues from members on behalf of group organizer using credit card. Once that feature is ready, we will definitely add automated reminders and/or payment processed notifications.
Paul Brady wrote 3 years ago
Having annual dues 'automatically' collected using a 'recurring' payment plan is esp. attractive. Takes ALL the work out of it for annual dues...which right now are a pain to collect.
Paul Brady wrote 3 years ago
Seong, This is 5 months old now...are we any closer to adding membership renewal and tracking to CF?

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