Eric Petre posted 1 year ago in Feature Request

Closed Business for Guest and Messages

I was wondering what the best way to add referrals and/or closed business to a past member of the group or a guest would be? We thought about creating a catch-all account, but I wanted to see if there was another way.

Also - I like the messaging feature, but it is only available on the computer. Any chance that is coming to the mobile app? That would allow us to get rid of our communication app and make people much happier they don't have to use so many apps for our group.

Thank you!
Garrison Fletcher wrote 1 year ago
I would also like a way to address how "past members" are handled. We had to create an email account just to create a "person" (we called them "ZZZ - Past Member" however it is quite awkward to see them on the roster and on reports.

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