Brett L Malofsky posted 1 year ago in Feature Request

Both Parties Input Whether a Referral Was Won/Lost and $

It would be nice if both the giver and the recipient could put in whether a referral was won/lost and how much $ was earned. Unfortunately not everyone is good about entering that info and we still want to track it. I recently passed a referral and have so far paid the recipient $4,500, but he has not put any of into ChamberForge because he is just not a big user of technology. I would like to enter that information, but am unable to do so as the giver. Thanks! :-)
Brett L Malofsky wrote 1 year ago
Oops, I just see that someone else from my group (Paul) just asked for the same feature LOL. Thanks! :-)
Paul Brady wrote 1 year ago
Yes, a very useful feature that I hope they will consider adding soon!

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