Bend Business Group posted 2 years ago in Feature Request

Admin Permissions

In our networking group (which functions similiar to a BNI), we have board members who are in charge of tracking 1-on-1's, referrals, absences, etc.

We dont' really need each member to have their own account, but rather a dashboard for the current board of 6 members to access and track the group's activity.

Is it possible to add members and referrals without each member having their own account?
Seong Bae wrote 2 years ago
Hi, In the early days of ChamberForge in 2018, users did not have to create an account and group organizers were able to enter data. We have since moved away from that model to allow all users to enter data themselves and take burden off of centralized users/leadership. It is still possible if you wanted to use CF without users creating account with some workaround. You can create an account for each user but use your organization's email (such as Then your users will never have to create accout or login and you can still track activities for each user. Once all accounts are created, you can let us know and we can manually activate their account. Seong

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