PNA President posted 1 year ago in Critical Fix

Reporting Errors

I ran an Activity Report for the date range.
I see on the there are zero 1-to-1s for some members, that I can see from the a "1-to-1s" section, have had 1-to-1s in that time frame.
Also, in the Revenue report there are different totals for Revenue Earned and Revenue Referred.
Seong Bae wrote 1 year ago
Hello, I just looked at your report and it seems to be showing correctly. Can you please let me know which member(s) in particular are showing 0's? Seong
Bob Stone wrote 1 year ago
The member Bob Stone had two 1-to-1s on 9/27/2022 (Bryan Kuskie & David West). When I run the Activity Report for 9/22/2022 to 9/28/2022, it shows zero 1-to-1s for Bob Stone.
PNA President wrote 1 year ago
Bob Stone is the member. I submitted a ticket (#354) that has screen shots.
Seong Bae wrote 1 year ago
Hello, When reporting 1-to-1, both parties must report. For example, if Bryan and Bob had 1-to-1 and Bryan reported it, only Bryan will receive credit. Bob will also need to report 1-to-1 as well. We are looking at changing this in future where only one member reports 1-to-1 and both parties receive credit... but for now, both will need to report. Seong
Garrison Fletcher wrote 1 year ago
Note to others. This feature has been updated. See a previous discussion board where you can change it from "single" to "double".

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