Garrison Fletcher posted 1 year ago in Critical Fix

Removed Members Revenue & Information lost

I just read in the documentation that:

"At this time, when a member is removed from a group, his/her activities while in the group will no longer be available in the reports. We may make changes in future so that the data of removed member will still be available in the reports."

Our group promotes the amount on a monthly and yearly basis of how much revenue has been generated by members. If this is true, then if we loose a member, all of that revenue that was rightly generated because of the group is now LOST.

Can you please fix this. (or make it an option). This is HUGE for our group and this one item might cause us to move platforms as we have alway reported a "cumulative" amount.

Does this mean that the number of referrals given and received will also be removed?
Seong Bae wrote 1 year ago
Hi Garrison, When a member is removed, their data still remains in the system but just not visible to the group. We are working on adding a "past members" page where you can see the data even after a member has been removed. It is high on our priority list. Seong
Garrison Fletcher wrote 1 year ago
Thank you. Souns like a GREAT solution for viewing that infornation. My greater concern is that it states that any of their revenue earned or given will NOT show up in reports once the member has been removed. This "history" in the reports is the concern I have.
Garrison Fletcher wrote 1 year ago
Thank you for your updated "reports" function which now adds this information.

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