Virtual Networking Environment

Hi ChamberForge community, I'm curious to see how others are handling the virtual environments of networking, what's working well, what's not working well, etc. My organization neXco National ( has been using Zoom for all of our twice a month meetings and while it's going fairly well, we've met our fair share of challenges and I'm wondering if we can learn from other organizations out there.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from the community.

Albert Wu
Jimmy Sorrells wrote 2 years ago
Hi Albert, I just joined ChamberForge and I noticed you posted this a year ago but I thought I would respond anyways. Virtual is not my favorite because I always prefer in-person but I found that it had many benefits for meeting people that I would have never been able to meet without. I was in a BNI chapter for 1 year and every meeting with that chapter was virtual for me. It is difficult to get to know people that way so I scheduled more 121s in my chapter than anyone else and made it work for me. I also co-hosted a the South Carolina Happy Neighborhood Project virtual meeting for a year. It was going really well and I got to have virtual 121s with people from Hawaii to Canada. When most things started opening back up our number continued to drop just about every week. I started a network group in February 2021 and I now have 5 chapters which is why I need ChamberForge.
Albert Wu wrote 2 years ago
Thanks Jimmy! Appreciate your input. We've also noticed that there are definitely some trade offs, both good and bad, to the virtual environment. Congratulations on launching 5 chapters! That's awesome. If you're open to it I'd love to get on a 1 to 1 over zoom to learn more about your networking organization and what's working well. Feel free to email me: Best, Albert
Jimmy Sorrells wrote 2 years ago
Thank you. Absolutely. I will email you.

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