Monthly recurring referrals

I have a few referrals that pay me on a monthly schedule. I'm wondering how most organizations track this information.

I could either add the recurring referral each month or enter it one time for the year, but then they may not be with me for a full year since its month to month.

How do you all track this type of referral?

Seong, would a recurring referral be something that could be added to the new version of the system you are building?
Seong Bae wrote 2 years ago
Hi Jeremy, There were at some point some questions about how to track recurring payment. Other than manual entries, there is no automated way to keep track of recurring revenus. If there is a greater need for this feature, we can certainly consider adding it. Seong
Jeremy Turner wrote 2 years ago
Thank you Seong.
Garrison Fletcher wrote 1 year ago
If it helps. What our group is doing is having that one referral for the person. Each time there is revenue generated, they go to the same referral and put in a new dollar amount for that referral in the "won" status. It then takes a notation of the amount and the date that it was entered. This helps us from having so many extra unnecessary referrals.
Jeremy Turner wrote 1 year ago
@Garrison, Does it keep adding the referral amount to the total?
Garrison Fletcher wrote 1 year ago
I am not 100% sure. I KNOW that it shows up in the referral with an itemized $$ and "date" of entry. I am "assuming" that it updates the total AND assuming that the "date" entered will be use for reporting if a date range is selected.

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