Seong Bae posted 3 years ago in Announcement

v2.10.1 released with fixes

The latest update is for the CF web application.

- Reverted back using hash key for referral id due to hash keys creating issues for some users
- Allow attachment upload in helpdesk tickets
- Added Google Recaptcha to prevent spam registration
- Fixed referral converted notification. It was not being sent when the amount was added.
- Fixed a minor issue when deleting a user account
- Fixed issue with downloading files from the Document library
- Fixed issue user invited notification
- Added quarterly dates to the reports
- Fixed issue with reports showing removed members
Paul Brady wrote 3 years ago
Do you have or plan to add a feature to track 'presenters' for each meeting?
Seong Bae wrote 3 years ago
Hi Paul, You can already track presenter for each meeting. When you edit a meeting, there is a field called Speaker where you can select a member from your group. Seong

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