Seong Bae posted 2 years ago in Announcement

Updates with ChamberForge mobile apps (including renaming)

Good morning,

I wanted to let everyone know a few changes that are coming down the pipeline.

- The ChamberForge mobile app is being renamed to "CF Lite" - short for ChamberForge Lite. We are also moving the iOS app to a new Apple Developer account. This means that once CF Lite becomes available, everyone who is using the iOS app should delete the old app and install the CF Lite. We are expecting CF Lite to be available within the next week.

- The Android app will also be renamed to CF Lite. ChamberForge Android app is currently being re-built and it will be available in the beginning of January hopefully.

Moving forward in 2022, we plan on adding additional features in the mobile apps including ability to create and manage groups that are only available in the web app at the moment.

Please let me know if there are any questions.


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