Seong Bae posted 1 year ago in Announcement

Updates to 1-to-1 Reporting (single vs. double counting methods)


We've been asked this question many times: "Do both parties need to report after having 1-to-1?" The answer has always been yes - both parties need to report 1-to-1 to receive credit such as on the Activity Report.

We've just added an option that allows groups to credit both parties only when one member reports having 1-to-1 with another member.

You can find this option on the Group settings page and check whether you want Double or Single counting method for 1-to-1. By default, all groups are on double counting method.

Double counting method - the default option. Both members need to report 1-to-1 to accurately reflect numbers on reports.

Single counting method - this is the new option where only one member can report and both parties can receive credit.

It is up to the group organizers to decide whether they want both members to report 1-to-1 (which has been only option available on ChamberForge) or only one member to report.

Please note that if you have been using double counting method and now change to single, it will not retroactively update 1-to-1s that have been reported in the past. If you do decide to change, I recommend doing that at the beginning of a new year.
Brett L Malofsky wrote 1 year ago
Love this!

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