Seong Bae posted 2 years ago in Announcement

Turning on/off meeting reminder e-mail

Hello CF Community,

We have received some feedback on the automated meeting reminder e-mail that started going out last week. Some users were asking if they have an option to turn it off/on.

Group organizers can turn off this reminder email at the group level. It is turned on by default. To stop sending out the reminder email, you can go to Group Settings, and check off "Send out meeting reminder e-mails"

If a member does not wish to receive these reminder emails, he/she can do so at the user-level as well. Go to My Account, Notifications, and turn off the reminder email.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Jeremy Turner wrote 2 years ago
Is it possible to set the time of these reminders?
Seong Bae wrote 2 years ago
What time would you like the emails to go out? At this time, you cannot customize the day/time for one specific group. We set it to go out at noon eastern time but if it should go out sooner, we can do that. Seong
Jeremy Turner wrote 2 years ago
There may be an issue with the emails sending at the right time then. I received my reminder email at 4:49pm PST. date: Mar 1, 2022, 4:49 PM subject: Meeting tomorrow 3/2 mailed-by: signed-by: I heard from one of my members today that they received the reminder email this morning. The day of the meeting.

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