Seong Bae posted 3 years ago in Announcement

New Feature: Group Page

We just rolled out a new feature called the Group Page. Every group now has a public-facing group page where guests can RSVP to upcoming meetings and send inquiries to groups.

Please check out this short YouTube video that explains how this new feature works:

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Paul Brady wrote 3 years ago
Hi Seong! If you are a manager but want to be the person that handles all rsvps and invites, will changing from Manager to Organizer role change my permissions? As an organizer, will I still have manager-level permissions on the group?
Paul Brady wrote 3 years ago
Hi, Just realized that the Manager Role is automatically also set up as an organizer on the group page. That's perfect! However, I'm still curious what the difference between an Organizer and Manager is when dealing with Permissions? Thanks!
Seong Bae wrote 3 years ago
Hi Paul, When we introduced the organizer role, our intent was that this role can do everything that a manager can do (add/remove members, meeting, attendances) but also will be shown as organizer on the public facing pages. In summary, manager can do: - manage members - manage meetings & attendances - manage guests (member can update only the guests they added but manager can update any guest data) - manage group settings organizer can do everything that manager can do, plus: - listed as organizer on public facing pages - receive messages from visitors - receive RSVP notifications Because the organizer role is new, if groups do not have organizer role designated, it will automatically default to managers (managers will be shown as organizer). However, once an organizer is designated, it will be replaced with the designated organizer. My recommendation is that if you are the organizer of group, you should set yourself as the organizer and use the "manager" role for those who are designated to assist with managing your group on chamberforge. The manager role is more like an internal role that stays within the group, and the organizer is more of a public facing role with all the manager capabilities. One of our goals for this year is to start supporting groups with getting more guests/members to the group so we saw the need to add the organizer role.
Brett L Malofsky wrote 3 years ago
I like the group page. Thanks Seong!

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