Seong Bae posted 2 years ago in Announcement

Deleting referrals

There has been some changes in regards to how referrals can be deleted in ChamberForge.

Our approach with managing referrals is that, once you send a referral, the referral belongs to the recipient and the sender should not be able to delete the referral.

However, we had some instances recently where duplicate referrals were sent and users who sent the referrals needed to delete the duplicates. In order to ensure that this does not happen in future and there are no duplicates, we've made following changes today:

- Referral senders can delete referrals if sent by mistake or duplicates were sent as long as the referral's status remains "Created". Once the referral recipient changes the status, it can no longer be deleted by the sender.

- Referral recipients can delete referrals they received.

- Once the Submit button is pressed when sending a referral, the button is disabled to prevent a user from hitting the button again. This will prevent from duplicate referrals.

- Referral senders can edit referrals they sent at any time. This is so that any additional information can be added at a later point to help recipient convert the referral.

- From My Dashboard -> Referrals screen, you can now mass delete referrals.

- Group managers cannot delete referrals on behalf of their members. In future, they will be able to remove referrals from showing up in their Group dashboard and reporting (which is different from deleting referrals). When they remove referrals, referrals will still be in the system and both sender and recipient will still have access to those referrals.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Garrison Fletcher wrote 1 year ago
IF it helps others, what he mentioned about the "status" is key if you want / need to remove a referral. I "think" that either member can change the status of the referral. If it is moved back to "created" (as he mentioned), you CAN then delete the referral. Hope this helps.

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