Seong Bae posted 3 years ago in Announcement

Discussion board launch

We are excited to share with you the launch of discussion board! This is part of our larger effort to build an online community where ChamberForge users can come together and share information with one another.

As of today, we have over 150 groups on ChamberForge and over 1,500 users registered from US, Canada, and UK. We worked with many groups as part of on-boarding process - many of them were new to the concept of using a tool to track referrals for their referral group. Along the way, we learned a lot about referral groups, how they work, and what we need to do with ChamberForge to best support the groups and their members.

Our product roadmap is currently published at We welcome everyone to provide feedback on the roadmap and let us know your thoughts. At the moment, big things we have on the roadmap are:

- Redesign mobile apps to make them easier to use
- Custom branding
- Public-facing group page where guests can RSVP to upcoming meetings
- Payment processing for members
- Set monthly/quarterly activity quota (Goals)
- Search contacts and referrals
- Track referrals w/ guests

We also welcome groups to share their best practices in managing and running their group. What worked best for you? What didn't work? We can all share and help each other. That is one of main reasons we created this discussion board.


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