Seong Bae posted 2 years ago in Announcement

Changes to how referral converted is tracked

Hello CF Community,

I wanted to share a recent update with how referral converted is tracked in the system. This may potentially impact some groups so I wanted to make sure to describe what the update is.

When running reports, referral converted (or business won) has always been tracked based on its original referral date. This has been changed recently to use referral converted date instead of the original referral date.

For example, if a referral was given on 9/15/2021 and it converted to business on 10/5/2021, when you pulled member's activity report for the month of September, this referral was being counted towards converted numbers. With the change to use referral converted date, this referral is no longer being counted as converted for the month of September - it is now counted for the month of October because it was converted on 10/5/2021.

If your group closely tracks numbers for each month/quarter/etc, then this change will impact you if referral created date and converted date are now in the same date range.

This was brought to our attention by one of groups and we felt that using the converted date provides more accurate picture of the groups' activity.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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