Seong Bae posted 2 years ago in Announcement

ChamberForge v3.0 under way

Hello CF community,

I wanted to share the exciting news that we have begun working on v3.0 of ChamberForge - we are building this from ground up and it will be a major overhaul of the current system. This new version will incorporate a lot of great feedback that we received from our users.

In this post, I wanted to highlight some of key improvements in the new version.

o Improved referral tracking
- Track referrals with guests and former members of a group. Right now, groups have been working with a workaround by adding a new account called "Guest". In the new version, you can more precisely report referrals with each guest member instead of using a generic "guest" account.
- Addition of a new "created" referral status. With the addition, the statuses available will be "created", "work-in-progress", "lost", and "won". This gives more fidelity into where the referral is in its lifecycle.
- Multi-user referral. At the moment, a referral can go only from user A to user B. But sometimes, a referral may not be a good fit for user B. In the new version, user B can then pass the referral to user C, and on and on. The system will keep track of referral from user A, to B to C, and all three users will have visibility.
- Add referrals received. At the moment, the system sort of allows you to report referral received but it does not work very well. This will be improved in the new version - you will also be able to add referrals received even if the sender is not on ChamberForge.

o Custom branding
- Allow groups to customize ChamberForge branding such as replacing logo, auto-generated emails, URL, color schemes, to better integrate with group's existing brand

o Improved localization & multi-language support
- Improved localization for dates, currency, etc.
- Support for other languages

o Business Plan (premium)
- This will be a premium plan for businesses that have multiple sales/marketing people and want to track how they are doing with referrals. At the moment, referrals data is at the user-level - so when your sales person who's been part of a referral group leaves your company, there is no easy way to transfer all the referral data to you or to your next sales person. This premium plan allows you to manage multiple sales/marketing employees, have visibility into their referral activities/performance, and easily transfer referrals between employees if someone leaves the organization.
- Create/manage referral campaigns - create referral campaigns, have your employees and close contacts participate in the campaign, track each member's performance, etc.

o Improved stability
- System more stable and less bugs from improved backend architecture.

There's many more we are planning but I wanted to highlight above key items and share with the community.

Thank you for being part of the CF community and we will keep you updated on the development of new version.

Jeremy Turner wrote 2 years ago
Looking forward to it Seong. Any estimates on when you would like to rollout the new version? I promise I won't hold you to it.
Seong Bae wrote 2 years ago
Hi Jeremy, We're about 80% done and planning on launching it within next two weeks. Here is a quick preview of the new version: Seong
Jeremy Turner wrote 2 years ago
That looks great Seong. Thank you for sharing the progress you have made. Jeremy
Jimmy Sorrells wrote 2 years ago
This is great!
Jeremy Turner wrote 2 years ago
I now have access to v3 but I don't see how I can send emails to my group anymore.

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