Updates Released for March 2019

Seong Bae
Seong Bae
Published on 03/04/2019

ChamberForge now has a Facebook page. Please like us on Facebook if you’d like to receive updates through there.

We just released a number of updates this past week on both website as well as mobile apps. Here are the changes:

Website Revamp

One of biggest updates is new look for the web application. We’ve revamped the entire look & feel of the site with goal of making it easier to use. You can check it out at https://www.chamberforge.com.

Exporting Members and Referrals

You can now easily export members, guests, referrals, and 1-to-1s. On each listing page, you will now see 3 buttons – Excel, PDF, and Print – that allow you to easily export data.

Exporting members and referrals

Notification on Adding Referral

Users now receive notifications – both e-mail and app – when a referral is added.

**Pending Account **

If a member does not have an account, he/she is no longer be available from listing when creating referrals or 1-to-1s. They will also no longer appear on Members listing screen. Instead, they are listed on “Pending Invitations” screen which you can get to by clicking on the Pending Invitations button on Members listing screen. They will also fall off the reports so make sure to have everyone in your group create an account.

App Crashes

We’ve received a number of app crash reports and we have been working on them. We just released an update for Android devices that fixed 4-5 crash-related bugs. The update – v1.4.5 – is now available in app store. On iPhones, the app was crashing when you went to update your Profile. This is also fixed as well.

Support for Older Android Devices

ChamberForge is now supported on older Android devices including Android 5.0. These are Android phones that came out around 2014~2015.

That’s it for this time. If you have any issues or questions with ChamberForge, please feel free to send me email at seong@chamberforge.com. Have a great week!

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