Unconventional Networking Ideas, Chamber Events, and Meaningful Connections

Christina Metcalf
Christina Metcalf
Published on 09/25/2023

Networking events organized by chambers of commerce play a pivotal role in fostering relationships, creating business opportunities, and enhancing local economies. But traditional networking events can also grow tiresome for your members. It's time to infuse a dose of creativity into these gatherings. In this article, we'll explore unique ideas for networking events that can help you make your events more effective, providing valuable advice on meeting key individuals, breaking the ice, and accommodating introverts.

1. The Power of Purposeful Networking

Networking isn't just about collecting business cards; it's about forging meaningful connections. When you can help your members meet people who can transform their business, they’ll see the value in what you’re offering. If you’re able to track the referral business that comes out of your events, you can use that for the chamber’s marketing as well. With a successful networking event (from your member’s perspective), you can improve retention AND recruitment.

You can start this by emphasizing the event purpose. Instead of random mingling, consider themed events that attract individuals with specific interests. For example, host a "Green Business Mixer" to bring together eco-conscious entrepreneurs or a "Tech Innovation Night" for local tech enthusiasts. Another idea is to poll your attendees ahead of time to find out what they need to be successful (that someone else could help with) or what they most want in their business (like a new website) and publish the list of those things in a blog post. Then people on the fence about attending, can see someone wants a new website, for instance, and they know there’s someone looking for their services. Purposeful networking not only fosters deeper connections but also allows businesses to find like-minded partners and customers.

2. Facilitating Meaningful Introductions

Encourage members to connect with people who truly matter to their business. Instead of leaving introductions to chance, you can implement strategies to facilitate meaningful encounters. One effective approach is to use technology to match attendees based on their interests and objectives. By utilizing apps or software, you can suggest relevant connections, making it easier for attendees to meet those who can genuinely benefit their businesses.

Invite attendees to share with you who they are looking to meet, either specifically or an ideal good or service provider. Make the introductions.

3. Unique Icebreakers to Break the Ice

Icebreakers get a bad rap. Attendees are sometimes hesitant to play along but icebreakers can set the tone. They can create a relaxed and engaging atmosphere at networking events or amp up the energy. Rather than relying on the same tired questions, introduce unique icebreakers to spark conversations. For instance, provide each attendee with an index card with a different business question/topic on each card. You might ask, “The one app I can’t live without” or something more personal like "The thing in my career I am most proud of.”

Then encourage your attendees to walk around and ask their question. This gives people a chance to feel proud and share without boasting. Then go around the room and ask people to share what they have learned about one another and what surprised them most. You can learn a lot about those in attendance.

Another idea is to host a mini-competition or trivia related to the event's theme, ensuring attendees have fun while getting to know each other.

4. Building Networking Zones

You can enhance networking events by creating designated zones within the venue. These zones can cater to different personality types and preferences. For instance, a "Deep Dive" can be a quieter area where introverts can engage in deeper conversations, while a "Speed Networking Zone" can be designed for extroverts who thrive on quick interactions. Providing diverse spaces ensures that all attendees can maximize their networking experience.

5. Networking Workshops and Seminars

Offering value-driven content can make networking events more attractive and productive. Host workshops or seminars on topics relevant to your chamber members. Invite experts to speak on industry trends, business growth strategies, or leadership skills. These sessions not only provide valuable knowledge but also create opportunities for attendees to network with speakers and fellow participants who share their interests.

You can also bring in a facilitator who works with the audience to crowd source the answer. Leadership is a great topic for such an event. Invite a leadership expert to brainstorm with the audience to uncover the ideal leader in 2023. Invite attendees to share stories about mentors, their experience, etc. Put your findings together in an article or blog post and share it with your members.

You can also brainstorm solutions to a problem facing your area such as “What do we do about affordable housing?” Have proponents on each side weigh in about the problem, what’s being done, and how can you move forward for success and prosperity.

6. Networking Challenges

Inject an element of friendly competition into networking events by organizing challenges. For instance, a "Business Card Scavenger Hunt" encourages attendees to collect business cards from people with specific attributes or experiences. Prizes can be awarded to those who successfully complete the challenge. Challenges add excitement to the event while helping attendees expand their networks.

7. Encouraging Mentorship and Collaboration

Networking is not just about finding customers; it's also about finding mentors, partners, and collaborators. Foster mini-mentorship networking events where mentees come with questions for experienced business leaders. You can also use themes like “ask a techie” where attendees bring tech questions. Creating opportunities for collaboration through joint projects, workshops, or co-working spaces within the chamber can also be incredibly beneficial for networking members.

8. Diverse Event Formats

Variety is the spice of life and networking events. Host diverse event formats to cater to different preferences. Play with different formats like mixers, roundtable discussions, panel sessions, and business speed. Rotating through these formats keeps events fresh and attendees engaged.

9. Leverage Online Platforms

Incorporate online networking opportunities into your events, as virtual engagement has become increasingly important. Utilize social media platforms, webinars, and online forums to extend networking beyond physical gatherings. This allows members to connect with each other and access valuable resources even when they can't attend in-person events.

10. Post-Event Engagement

The value of networking doesn't end when the event does. Take a proactive approach by following up with attendees and providing them with resources to continue their connections. Share contact information, encourage post-event meet-ups, and find other ways to encourage members can stay in touch and collaborate.

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