Support for European Currencies and Dates

Posted on 2020/02/26 by Seong Bae

We are excited to share a new feature - localization support for European currencies and dates. As of today, the only localization available are UK and Europe and they are available only on the desktop app. More countries and mobile apps will be support later.

We added this support upon a feature request from users in the UK. With this, following localization are currently available:

United States (default)

  • Currency: $ (dollar)
  • Date format: Feb 26, 2020

Great Britain

  • Currency: £ (pound)
  • Date format: 26 Feb 2020


  • Currency: € (euro)
  • Date format: 26 Feb 2020

To change your localization setting, you can go to your Profile and then the Settings tab:

Once you change the setting, you will see the currency and date format of your choice throughout the application:


Seong Bae
Seong Bae
Seong Bae founded ChamberForge in 2018 to help small businesses and business networking groups better track referrals and their status. ChamberForge is now used by over 200 networking groups and is the leading technology provider for tracking referrals and facilitating referral sharing for business networking groups across the globe.

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