Monthly Roundup for June 2021

Posted on 2021/06/29 by Seong Bae

It's been another busy month for June. The weather is starting to get hot and being inside an air-conditioned office has never felt better.

Here is a quick summary of updates to ChamberForge that took place in this month:

Find Group

Users can search for referral groups around them by using zip code. We added this feature for users who are not in any referral group to be able to locate and join a group in their town. The search will return referral groups on ChamberForge within 25 miles radius of zip code enter. You can access this page here.

Find a referral group

Remove Member from Group and Organization

For organizations with multiple groups/chapters, when you remove a member from group, the member still belonged to the organization. To avoid this confusion and remove member from group and organization completely, we've added an additional option as shown in the screenshot below.

Remove member completely

E-mail notification fix

We've received a few emails telling us that sometimes notification emails are not being sent out - when closing a referral, or when a member becomes paying subscriber to group. This is fixed. If you still notice this happening, please let us know.

Enabling Payment Collection for your Group

We've made it little bit easier to enable payment collection for your group. In the past, you had to go to My Dashboard to enable subscription payment for your group. Now you can do so by going to Group Settings and then going to the Subscription tab.

Business Category List

We have created a page to easily look up business categories. We encourage all users to update their business category from their profile page and we've received some feedback asking to see if users can see the entire business category list. This is now available here.

ChamberForge business categories

That's all for now. Stay cool in the hot weather.

Seong Bae
Seong Bae
Seong Bae founded ChamberForge in 2018 to help small businesses and business networking groups better track referrals and their status. ChamberForge is now used by over 200 networking groups and is the leading technology provider for tracking referrals and facilitating referral sharing for business networking groups across the globe.

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