Diagnosing Incorrect Revenues Earned and Referred

Seong Bae
Seong Bae
Published on 06/17/2023

I have seen some referral groups track revenues earned - they tally up revenues earned reported by each member and have a figure they can publicly share such as "Our neworking group did $x millions in revenue last year". This process is not easy which requires tracking referrals and revenues. That's why we have Revenue Reports at the group level to make it easier to track revenues earned or referred.

Using these two reports, not only can you see how much revenues your group have generated in total, but you can see how much revenues each members earned or referred in any given period. However, even with this automation, tracking revenues correctly is a complex process when members come and go or when members from different chapters/groups give referrals/revenues to others in another group within larger networking organization. We try to make this easier for groups by thinking through the most common sense, building logics and calculations in our tool, and still presenting the most basic user options when running reports - just provide dates and we'll show you the numbers.

But sometimes, this still brings up questions as it can be confusing. The most common question we get is "The revenues earned report is incorrectly showing my numbers. It's missing x amount."

Setting the Correct Group

When you run into such issues, the first step we recommend is going back to the referral in question (where its revenues are not included in the reports) and see if it was reported to the group. When you send a referral on ChamberForge, you can specify which group you want to report that referral to. If you forget to do this, or in the case where the referral was not reported, you can edit the referral and select a group to report to. (I want to caveat that a referral can be editable only when it is still in the "Created" stage. Once it moves to "In Progress" or later stage, it can't be editable. We are going to change this so that you can update the reporting group in any stage)

Using User Reports

This is a new feature we just introduced. In the past, you were able to run reports only at the group level. This feature allows individual users to run reports at the user level. At this time, three reports are available for individual users:

  • Referral Report
  • Revenue Earned Report
  • Revenue Referred Report

So when you run revenue reports at the group level and feel that some of your revenues are missing, you can run the individual user report and see what it shows you. From there, you can see all the revenues generated by you (at the group level reports, it only shows aggregate numbers) for any period and that will help you diagnose any missing revenues from group reports.

In addition to revenue reports, the Referral Report allows you to generate referrals and their status for any given period. You can export any of these reports to excel, pdf, or CSV and do further reporting or analysis on your own or even share with others.

Even after ensuring the correct group is set and you have verified against the user reports, if you believe that the revenue numbers are still showing incorrect at the group level, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'd be happy to take a further look.

Thank you and happy referring!

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Seong Bae

My name is Seong Bae and I am the Founder at ChamberForge. ChamberForge specializes in building referral tracking and management platform.


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