Creating Engaging Networking Events with Referral Tracking Software

Christina Metcalf
Christina Metcalf
Published on 06/19/2023

*Sure, referral tracking software gives good insights into which companies are referring business to others, but it can also make your networking events more engaging. Here’s how:

Networking events get a bad rap, but they play a vital role in fostering relationships, expanding professional networks, and promoting business growth. For Chamber of Commerce professionals, organizing engaging networking events is a strategic approach to enhance member engagement and create a thriving business community. However, you don’t want to throw together a flyer and assume people will be lining up at your door. What makes them engaging (and well-attended) comes down to two things—fun (or anticipated fun) and time/value (is it worth their time for the value they receive). If you’re not showing your attendees those things, you won’t have a lot of repeat attendees.

Additionally, fun and worthwhile networking events come with three challenges for chamber staff:

  1. creating a networking event where members experience a good return on their time and can meet their networking goals
  2. hosting an event where attendees enjoy themselves
  3. showing the return on time in a way that is understandable and clear but does not monopolize your day. After all, some of your members will never attend your events, no matter how enjoyable the events are. You need to have time for non-event engagement activities too.

For the chamber, networking events play a crucial role in helping attendees foster professional relationships, exchange ideas, and drive business growth. However, organizing successful gatherings and attracting a sizable audience can be daunting tasks. Thankfully, with the advent of networking and referral software, networking event organizers now have powerful tools at their disposal to not only streamline processes and boost attendee engagement but ultimately prove event ROI driving attendance to new heights.

So, just how does this “magic” software do all those things? Quite simply, it gives attendees and your staff what they want making it a win-win for everyone. Here's how you can leverage networking and referral software to create engaging events:

Using the Power of Software to Create Engaging Events

Sure, engaging events come out of a desire to have fun, but when it comes to networking events, fun is only the beginning. People are too busy these days to go to just any networking event. Your staff is too busy to host another vanilla networking night just because the calendar says they should. Make your networking events the best they can be by harnessing the power of networking and referral-tracking software. It does a lot more than you think. It:

Gives Attendees Insights into Meeting Their Goals

Networking/referral-tracking software allows attendees to track the referrals they receive and the business they close, giving them important insights into the value of each event for them.

Plus, networking and referral software empowers chambers to effectively communicate the value proposition of attending an event. By providing detailed information about the agenda, keynote speakers, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, attendees can gain a clear understanding of the benefits they will receive.

Simplifies Administrative Tasks so You Can Put Your Attention Where It’s Needed Most

Gone are the days of manual attendance tracking and cumbersome paperwork. Networking and referral tracking software automates administrative tasks, making it easier than ever to track event attendance, generate attendance reports, track referrals, track revenue generated from the referrals, and manage networking groups. Organizers can easily view real-time attendance data, track individual participation, and quickly identify any areas that require attention. Because attendees have access to this vital information, the chamber staff members no longer must own reporting and communicating data saving them time. Referral tracking software makes transparency easy and convenient, freeing up time for other member engagement activities.

Promotes Success Within the Larger Community:

Networking and referral-tracking software provides a platform for chamber event attendees to connect during and after an event. This fosters a sense of community and collaboration, enabling participants to exchange ideas, share experiences, and build lasting relationships. Participants feel invested in the community's growth (that of the chamber) and are more likely to actively contribute to its success.

Creates a Fear of Missing Out

Effective networking and referral tracking software taps into the human psychology of "Fear of Missing Out" (FOMO) as users of the software can see referral activity including referrals going to other users. This knowledge drives a desire to attend the next networking event because the software user knows money has been made at the last event and has strong insights into the quality of the networking. The fear of missing out on key connections, knowledge, or experiences becomes a powerful driver for event attendance, ensuring that members do not want to be left behind. With referral tracking, engagement is not just about interaction. It has a tangible return on investment.

Enables Communication and Engagement

Networking and referrals are about building relationships. They provide the basis for members to connect, fostering relationships that can lead to partnerships, collaborations, and new business opportunities. By facilitating meaningful connections, events strengthen the bonds between members and the Chamber.

But those activities are difficult to do when the attendee has misplaced a business card or can’t quite remember the name of the person who thought had great potential as a lead. Attendees no longer have to call the chamber office and try to describe what their mystery contact was wearing. Instead, they can access the referral tracking software and figure out attendance information from there.

Networking and referral tracking software can revolutionize the way chamber networking events and referral group meetings are organized, bringing immense member engagement benefits. By harnessing the power of connection, networking and referral-tracking software unlocks new possibilities for driving attendance and ensuring the success of future events, while reducing the workload on your staff. After all, engagement takes time and there are portions of it that cannot be automated. That’s why savvy chamber pros automate what they can, so they have time to do the things that require their attention.

Put the power of referral tracking in your members’ hands today for greater engagement tomorrow.

Referral tracking software isn’t as expensive as it sounds. There are affordable solutions for chambers that can provide easy-to-understand insights that can be invaluable to your members, board, and chamber. Get more done and with better results with reliable, easy-to-use networking tools.

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