ChamberForge Update for January 2020

Seong Bae
Seong Bae
Published on 01/26/2020

We’ve been very busy at the ChamberForge product team working on improvements, stability, and bugs. I wanted to highlight a few updates that we recently rolled out.

Two Metrics Added to Dashboard

We added two additional metrics to the group dashboard: Member and guest attendances. We added these metrics so that you can see how member and guest attendances impact 1-to-1s and referrals in your group over period of time.

Referral Group Dashboard

Guest Count by Attendance

When you pulled up Members Report, the Guest column showed number of guest each member invited to the group. This number is based on guests added to the group and set with the Invited By field. However, some referral groups requested that the guest count be based on guest attendance to meetings.

For example, if John invites Donna as a guest to his group, John would get 1 guest count on the Members Report. However, if a month later, John invites Donna again, John would still show 1 guest count. If you wanted to give John another credit for inviting same guest again later, you can now do that. It doesn’t have to be John – if another member, Courtney, invites Donna again two months later, both John and Courtney can get credit with this new update.

You can go to the group settings page, settings tab, and select “attendance” for the guest count.

Referral Group Settings

Count by entry is counting as number of guest entered in the system whereas Count by attendance is what we just discussed, counting by guest’s meeting attendance so that both John and Courtney can get credit.

With this change, when you update attendance for guest under the guest edit screen, you can now select a member who invited the guest.

Track Repeat Revenues

This feature has been requested a few times and we were able to finally get this out. This feature allows you to track repeat revenues from a same referral. In this way, you can more accurately track revenues from your referral group as well as the referrals.

This feature is available in the referral screen under menus. The menu item is called “Add Additional Revenue” and it only shows when a referral is set as closed/won.

Referral group - track repeat revenues

My Dashboard

Lastly, we just pushed out My Dashboard where you can see all your referrals in one place. We built this so that it is easier to find and manage your referrals. Previously, the only way to access your referrals was by going to your group, then referrals, then finding your referrals among everyone else’s referrals in the listing. This was a very cumbersome process and we’ve received requests to make it easier to find own referrals.

To access My Dashboard, just click on the group dropdown on the top and select My Dashboard. You will see some metrics that are only relevant to your performance and you can click on Referrals on the left menu to see just your referrals.

My Dashboard

My Dashboard also gives you additional metrics at the individual level to quickly show you the level of your referral activities. In the below screenshot, the first row of 4 metrics tell you about referrals you received from others while the second row of 4 metrics tell you about referrals you gave to your network.

My Dashboard

That’s it for now. I think there are a few more changes and improvements but these are all I can think of for now. I’ll follow up with another blog post later.

It’s been busy last few months. The next big item we have on our plate are ChamberForge mobile app v2 with brand new looks and much easier user interface. Stay tuned for the update!

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Seong Bae

My name is Seong Bae and I am the Founder at ChamberForge. ChamberForge specializes in building referral tracking and management platform.


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