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    Phoenix Rising For Healing

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    Health and Wellness

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    Welland, ON, CA

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Angela has over 30 years experience as a Rehabilitation Counsellor and is a Clinical EFT Tapping Practitioner/Coach certified with EFT Universe.

About Phoenix Rising For Healing

Angela is a Clinical EFT "Tapping" Practitioner/Coach with over 30 years experience as a Rehabilitation Counsellor. She can help you reach your full potential and feel renewed. There is an 80%+ success rate to release emotional blocks to your success and be free from stress, anxiety, phobias, bad habits, cravings, trauma and any physical pain or emotional suffering. EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique and is based on our own meridian system used in acupuncture but using our own fingertips instead of needles for acupressure of the body points. It is easy to learn and effective often in only one session. Call Angela if you are feeling stuck so she can help you tap away negative emotions and feel renewed just like the Phoenix who rises from the ashes and is reborn free and powerful.