When members have 1-to-1 meetings with each other or with guests, it can be tracked with ChamberForge.

Add 1-to-1

You can add 1-to-1 meetings by going to 1-to-1 screen from the left navigation menu and clicking on the Add New button.

The required fields are the two persons who had the meeting - rest of the fields are optional. Following are fields on the 1-to-1's Add New page:

  • Date: Date of the meeting
  • First Member: Person 1 having the meeting
  • Second Member: Person 2 having the meeting
  • Associated Meeting: If this was reported at a meeting, you can associate the 1-to-1 to the meeting
  • Description: Any additional information about the 1-to-1 meeting

Add one-to-one meeting

Edit 1-to-1

You can edit an existing 1-to-1 meeting by clicking on the Edit button on the 1-to-1 meeting you want to edit from the 1-to-1s screen.

Edit one-to-one meeting

Delete 1-to-1

You can delete an existing 1-to-1 by clicking on the Delete button on the 1-to-1 meeting you want to delete from the 1-to-1s screen.

Delete Referral

Search 1-to-1

You can search 1-to-1s by member name. Use the search field on top right hand corner to filter 1-to-1s by name.

Delete Referral