Turbocharge your business networking group

Let our technology help you take your business networking group to the next level. Spend more time growing your networking group and ensuring the success of your members.

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Stay connected

Stay Connected

Access all your group information - members, guests, meeting details, referral status - from palm of your hands. Stay connected with your group and get instant notifications from any updates.

Save time

Save Time

Escape from excel hell - use our easy-to-use web and mobile apps to manage data and get a complete picture of all your group's data.

Grow your group

Grow Your Group

Generate reports and collect insights. Identify top performers and recruit new guests. Identify key industries to add to your group.

All your group information in one place.

Access data from anywhere and anytime - members, guests, referrals, meetings. No more digging through emails, notes, excel spreadsheets to find information. All your networking group information is readily accessible from mobile app.

access group data from app

Spend less time managing your group.

ChamberForge mobile apps allow all group members to engage each other and add & manage their own data, thereby lifting tremendous burden off for group leaders and organization staff members.

Business Referral Tracking App

Generate key insights. It'll blow your mind.

Are you trying to actively grow your group to share more leads and businesses with each other? With ChamberForge, you can easily generate reports, identify top performing members, or learn which key industries to add to your group - all based on your group and your data.

Business Referral Group Key Insights

All Features

Track Referrals

Store all referrals for your group in a single place - track progress and update status. Get notified instantly as status changes. Securely share lead details between referral giver and receiver.

Manage Guests

A key to growing a business networking group is to invite new guests and convert them into members. ChamberForge allows you to manage all your guests in single place, facilitating guest outreach and recruiting.

Manage Members

Add new members to your group by using just name and e-mail. An invitation will be sent out and ChamberForge will handle the rest. Allow your group to access all members information using mobile apps.

Track 1-on-1 Meetings

Ensure your group members are getting to know each other and building relationship. Track 1-on-1 meetings between members, generate reports, and learn how 1-on-1 meetings contribute to referrals generated.

Manage Meetings

Create recurring weekly, biweekly, or monthly meetings. Capture detailed notes about each meeting, as well as members and guests attendance. Upload and share files with meeting attendees.

Manage Attendance

Using our app, you don't need to pass around paper attendance sheet anymore. Capture meeting attendance for members, guests, as well as substitutes. Generate attendance reports and share with your group.

Generate Reports

Generate various types of reports including members report, referrals report, and attendance reports. Generate in both online and in PDF and easily share with your group and other stakeholders.

Track Revenues

As referrals turn into business closed, you can add business amount and track revenues for your group. Generate revenue reports to see how much revenues or sales your group has generated in an year.

Get Notifications

Instantly get notified as status changes or new activity is reported for you or for your group. For example, get notified via email and app when status of referrals you gave out changes.

Multiple Groups

ChamberForge supports a single group or multiple groups in a large organization. Generate reports at both group and organization level and easily idenitify any key trends across your organization.

Roles & Permissions

Assign roles to users to give different levels of access to managing your group and accessing data. With this feature, you can assign anyone in your group to manage group and group data.