Getting Started – First Time User

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This article is to help first-time users on ChamberForge on how to set up create account, set up profile, and report 1-to-1s and referrals.  This article will not discuss how to set up and manage a group – there are on-demand webinars available for that and other articles will follow on how to manage a group.

Creating an Account

If you don’t have an account on ChamberForge, then you will receive an invitation email from your group.  Once you receive the email, click on the link in email and create an account.  If you did not receive an email, please check your spam folder.  If it is not in there and you don’t think email came through, then the next option is to create an account yourself.  You can do so by going to, and then clicking on the Go to App link on top right and then Register link.  You must use the same email that you provided to your group.

Downloading the ChamberForge App

After you create your account, you can log onto the web app right away.  You can use ChamberForge on your desktop and also on mobile app.  To download the app, you can go to Apple App Store or Google Play and search for “ChamberForge” – keep in mind that “ChamberForge” is one word and not two words like “Chamber Forge.”  For iPhone, the minimum requirement is iOS 11 and for Android phones, you need to have at least Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).

Updating Profile

Once you are logged in, the first thing you should do is set up your profile.  You should add information about your company, contact information such as phone number, and profile picture.  Adding all this information will make it easy for your group members to find you and report various activities such as 1-to-1s and referrals.

On desktop, click on your name on upper right corner and then click on Profile.  Click on Edit profile and fill in the information.  Fill out all fields including industry information. Once done, click save.

On mobile apps, click on menu on upper left corner to pull out the side menu.  Click on My Profile and fill in the information.  Once done, click save.

Reporting 1-to-1

Each time you conduct 1-to-1, you can report it on both desktop and mobile app.  On desktop, after logging in, click on your group.  You will see dashboard for your group. Click on 1-to-1s on left menus and click on Add New.  On mobile app, after clicking through your group, click on the plus sign (on top right for iOS and bottom right for Android), and add 1-to-1.

Reporting Referral

Reporting referral is similar to reporting 1-to-1.  On desktop, click on Referrals on left menus.  Then click on Add New.  Specify the date of referral and to whom you gave it to.  You can add additional details such as lead name, contact info, and other notes.  Those are optional however.  On mobile apps, click on the plus sign and then choose Add Referral.  Process is same as desktop.

You can also check out on-demand webinars to learn more about using ChamberForge.