ChamberForge Next Release

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for being the early users and beta users of ChamberForge.  As for a quick update, we just released the ChamberForge mobile apps a few weeks ago and are beta testing it with a group.  We are working out bugs and issues with this group before making the apps available to other groups.

We have received a lot of feedback on both the web app as well as the mobile apps and we are finalizing the requirements for the next release of ChamberForge.  Below is list of new features and updates that will be included in the next release:

Mobile Apps

  • Allow referrals/1-to-1s/business closed to be edited
  • Send group e-mail
  • Minor user interface improvements

Click here to check out the prototype of next release of the app.

Web app

  • Referral/1-to-1/business closed – add ability to include/tag non-members
  • Make member 2 field optional when creating 1-to-1
  • Add ability to set quota requirement for referrals/1-to-1
  • Add quota report

We also received feedback that there should be a workflow for referrals.  Workflow will allow referrals to be better tracked so that groups can identify which referrals converted into business and those that did not.  We are looking into how to build the workflow and will let everyone know when it will be available – it should be in one of next few releases.

If you have any questions or further feedback, or if I missed anything, please feel free to send me an email at or use below to leave comments.

Below are some screenshots from the prototype showing upcoming changes:

You can now click into each referral/1-to-1/business closed screen. You will see Edit link on top right if you are the entry owner.


Reporting screen has been cleaned up little bit – removing reporter’s name and changing Submit button to Save link on top right corner.


The action menus have been cleaned up. We are also adding ability to send group e-mail from the app.


You can quickly send e-mail to everyone in the group from the app. If a meeting gets cancelled or for any other fast communications to the group, you can use this feature.

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